At AHM we take great pride in our quality of servicing. Our goal is to make sure your car remains reliable throughout it’s lifetime by ensuring that we use only the highest quality parts & lubricants. We are an approved Mobil service centre.

All our servicing labour costs are fixed throughout the Alfa & FIAT range, with the only difference being cost of parts.

Our service consists of a 3 hour inspection every 12,000 miles or 12 months all wheels removed so brakes can be checked correctly oil and filters replaced ,all levels checked and topped up brake & power steering fluid checked and replaced if required pollen filter, fuel filter etc  Tyre pressures checked inc spare tyre then service lights reset and road tested.

ALFA ROMEO 159, Brera and new Spider have a service schedule of every 18,000 miles using long life low ash content oil or 12 months which ever comes first. On the 159, Brera 1.9 & 2.4 JTDM cars fitted with DPF i.e. Diesel Particulate Filter This is a smoke filter in the exhaust system and can block up if the wrong oil is used due to to much ash content in std oils.

The Oil is not even changed every service at some main dealers – only when the Oil change light comes. 18,000 miles plus with no oil changes just can’t be good for your engine!

At AHM we suggest oil and filter every service ie every 18,000 miles with long life DPF oil or as a lot of our customers ask for every 12,000 miles . What ever the mileage the correct oil must be used in cars fitted with DPF.

We don’t think that servicing should be just doing the minimum. Our experience with Alfa Romeo & FIAT cars means that we are ideally placed to carry out the preventative maintenance that your car really needs. Please consider this if you are comparing the costs of servicing with dealers and other specialists to make sure you are comparing like for like.