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Dear Adie,

I would like to thank you for your work on my 156 Sportwagon on Friday when you removed the broken diff tooth.

I appreciated the friendly and efficient advice and despite the logistics of where I live in Oxfordshire I will return in the future.

As I explained on Friday the workshop was fit to eat from!

156 2.0 TS

I keep selecting the sport button!!!

It transforms the car.

Thanks again for the work done.

Abarth 500 AHM 190 Conversion

Many thanks for the remap work Adie. I’ve had the 159 back for a couple of days and I have to say I’m extremely impressed with the improvement in performance. The car now truly drives like an Alfa – plenty of power and torque and great drivability…..as far as I am concerned it’s money well spent. Also mpg appears to have slightly improved with motorway driving…..will know for sure once I put a few more miles on the trip counter. I’ll keep you updated…

159 1750 TBi


It’s awesome, can’t wait until the roads are properly dry, and the exhaust sounds lovely glad I went with your one:)

Abarth 500 AHM 190 Conversion

I have had the car back now for a couple of weeks, time enough to evaluate it properly, but I am still struggling to find the right words.

It is like driving a different car, the uplift in performance is just out of this world.

Not only that, but the power is delivered in a nice even flow with no nasty surprises when you get to certain points in the rev range.

1750 TBi Giulietta Cloverleaf

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the work remapping my alfa yesterday.

It’s a completely different vehicle and so much better – far exceeded my expectations!

Brilliant! I’d be delighted if I can retun to AHM for all my regular servicing.

2.4 Ti Alfa 159

The performance however is day from night. AHM reckon that on an engine of my age (2008, 43,000 miles) it should now be around 200 to 208 bhp. It certainly feels like it. The BMW 325 it replaced put out 217 bhp and it feels a lot closer, although the power delivery on a turbo diesel is of course very different.

I’m was halfway through a tank, averaging 33 mpg and a a quarter of a tank later I’m already up to just over 40 mpg on just mixed driving. I’ll need to run a full tank through to really judge, but I’ve now covered 440 miles on this tank with just over a quarter remaining. 600 miles on one fill up certainly now looks to be within easy reach.

Mr G Kingston
1.9 Ti Alfa 159

Just like to start off by saying a big thank you to Adrian for the remap on my 500 Abarth. As a motor technician myself, I have to say I can really appreciate the quality and detail that has gone into making the finished product. The car drives with the smoothness and tracktability of the standard car, but with massive power gains everywhere! In my opinion, this map gives very good value for money. Even though there are “tuners” out there who can do a map for a cheaper price, I think the saying, “you get what you pay for” is very fitting in this market.

Mr S Martin
Abarth 500 Remap

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the work – the car is much nicer to drive (torquier, reduced turbo lag, better throttle response), less worries about reliability, and last but not least the MPG is improved even more than I expected. I did a full tank weekend and saw 38mpg average, with admittedly a fair bit of motorway but also some “spirited” country lane driving. On a similar journey before I was lucky if I saw much more than 30.

Andy Garton
2,4 Alfa 156 Ti Q4 – Remap, EGR Switch Off, DPF Removal

Adie, thanks for the remap. It has worked wonders. Have mpg over 40 constantly and the engine is revived being cleaner to pull away from standstill such that the clutch judder has been eradicated and loads more mid range. Thank you for your service. Top end is bountiful and no black smoke.

Mr McNicol
1,9JTD 8v Alfa 156

Hi Adie, Many thanks for the remap yesterday, the car now drives like it should and is a major improvement over stock. MPG was up by 9.8 on the way home.

Stuart Inman
2.4 Alfa 159 (200 bhp)

Just a quick note to say that the remap on my 2009 Abarth 500 Esse Esse by AHM – what a transformation, more responsive, the car drives better all-round, no lag, pulls cleaner from low revs. this is the 2nd car of mine I have had remapped by AHM. Great money spent.

Abarth 500 ESSEESSE

I had my DPF & remap done on Monday (this week) by Adie at AHM

The performance is out of this world, 3rd gear is best for me, I love my Alfa but it has never given me the kick in the back like my Impreza does……..it does now, even has much better throttle response in the low rev range than it did before.

Adie put it on the dyno for me and it puts out 443lb of torque & 261 Bhp.

As for the MPG, did a run yesterday to Bournemouth from my home in Surrey, which is 14 miles to the M25 and a 80 mile run down the M3 and then back again, before I would of got 37mpg if I was lucky, yesterday I got 45mpg, so I guess because of the no regens I was getting the better MPG?????

So for me is it worth spending the extra £300, then my answer would be yes.

Stephen Fowler

Just a quick note to say thanks for the re-map on my 159. It has a lot more power – it feels like more than a 25% increase from the shove in the back I get when I put my right foot down. Its early days yet, but the trip computer is suggesting a healthy improvement in mpg too, to the extent the re-map may pay for itself in a couple of years from lower fuel bills.

Bob Case
1.9 Alfa 159 – Remap, EGR Switch Off

Had a remap and service from you on my Brera 2.4 JTD about 6 weeks ago.

Performance much improved, more low down power makes a much more relaxed drive.

Fuel consumption round town is improved by about + 4mpg.

On a a recent 110 mile journey I drove @ 70mph with lots of dual carriageway and roundabouts, slowing, accelerating, I still got 43 mpg, previously getting 37-38 mpg ish.

Stuart Beaumont
2.4 Alfa Brera – Service, Remap, EGR Switch Off

Thanks for the work yesterday. The remap etc has turned my car into a monster!

Dan Holt
2.4 Alfa 159 – Remap, EGR Switch Off.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I’m really impressed with the remap and exhaust, although with the weather over Christmas I’m only just rediscovering the improvements!

Jason Barrow
155TB Mito – Remap, Exhaust

After the initial drive home following the remap etc today I can report that there is an increase in responsiveness at all speeds. Pick up is quicker and cleaner and astonishingly the MPG is 15 above my normal! At that rate the work will pay for itself within a year. I will monitor over the next few weeks and let you know if this continues or was due to the route and conditions on the way back.

John Beasty
1.9 Alfa 159 Automatic- Remap, EGR Switch Off.

Fuel consumption, based on the cars computer, took a huge jump. Usually a ‘take it easy’ run between Notts to Southampton at a steady 70mph gives me 35mpg at the very best. Yesterday going home from you is a similar journey, but with a few more roads you can’t cruise on and I did a few bits a bit faster and still recorded 42.5mph!

Marc Goldman
2.4 Alfa Brera – Remap, EGR Switch Off.

So far so good Adie,

I have done 800 miles ish and no black stuff at all so (fingers crossed) think we ok

The torque spread is incredible its a monster on the motorway loads better than my previous remap

What is truly amazing is my new fuel economy, It showed 39.8 mpg at an average speed of 69 mph driving from the lakes today; astonishing since my previous best is around 30 and I average 24 …

Many thanks, your work very much appreciated; any Brera owners need convincing happy for them to PM me on Alfaowner.


Pat Green
2.4 Alfa Brera – Remap.

Hi Adie.

Just a quick email to tell you how satisfied i am with the mapping on my Mito 155TB

The improvement in torque and driveability is phenomenal.

“A must have upgrade for any Mito 155 “.

Many thanks.

Jeremy Wales, Managing Director Alfashop Ltd

Certainly notice the difference, feels more like a petrol with smooth power delivery. Can’t believe the mpg. The turbo lag when pulling away has pretty much gone which is a big bonus.

Haven’t had good dry roads to give it a real blast, hope soon. All in all I’m very pleased with remap, loads of smiles, a different driving experience

Andrew Brooks
2.4 Alfa 159

Some few weeks ago I booked my wife’s 147 Multijet in for its second year service at AHM, on arriving the Prop. Adie Hawkins suggested that we might like to have an ecu remap, knowing that my wife would like some more performance as well as myself, I agreed, as it could be done at the same time as the service.

Time came to collect, and the drive home, what can I say, the car is transformed, a real pocket rocket, the torque is quite incredible, in fact the torque figures now exceeds the new BMW M3 V8 due out later this year. Overtaking is transformed particularly in 4th and 5th gears, we have now had the car back some two weeks, the fuel consumption has not suffered at all, but it might do if the full performance is used ALL the time then it might do, and at present we are keeping figures to check this point.

Why Alfa did not do this in the first place for the GT and the Brera is beyond reason, what a difference it it might have made to the Motor Mag reports on those two cars. Well done AHM for a superb job in making such a good car into a fantastic one at a very reasonable cost.

David Hobbs
1.9 Alfa 147

Hi Adie

Been meaning to email you for a while, just haven’t got round to it …

firstly the remap is absolutely awesome, to be honest for about the first week it just scared the crap out of me, I’ve got used to it now unfortunately, but it is good being faster than most things on the road now.

Chris Scott
2.4 10V JTD Alfa 156

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