The torque-sensing Torsen unit constantly adjusts the amount of power directed to each of the front wheels to suit conditions – and the results are impressive. The Q2’s clever mechanicals help to maintain traction and prevent the power from disappearing in a cloud of useless wheel spin.

As a result, you find yourself accelerating harder and earlier than before. The system also improves stability under braking, and is very smooth in operation, so there’s no snatching of the steering wheel or the sudden lightness that signals a loss of grip.


The Q2 can be fitted to :

147 GTA ~ 156 GTA ~ 3.2 GT ~ 3.0 GTV ~ 3.2 GTV

All JTD Engined Cars *

* – excluding 2.4 20V cars with GM F40 gearbox


When fitting a Q2 LSD to your Alfa AHM will use the following parts :

Q2 LSD ~ 2 x Bearings ~ 2 x Driveshaft Seals ~ Gear Oil ~ Spring Clip for Left Driveshaft ~ Shims as required