Fiat 500 Full Service From £299 + VAT

Here at AHM we are proud of the quality of our Fiat 500, Fiat 500X and Fiat 500L servicing.

Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians can carry out all forms of maintenance, from dealer level diagnostics, to annual servicing, cam belt changes, brake repairs, the list goes on.

Our unsurpassed level of detail, the highest quality of parts, workmanship and tools is vital to maintain your car to the highest standards and most importantly ensure its reliability.

fiat 500 servicing
fiat 500xl service

We keep most parts in stock so when you need your car back in a hurry, we aim to minimise your disruption. We know what it is like to not have your car.

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Our servicing consists of a three-hour in-depth look over of the vehicle which includes thoroughly inspecting your car from top to bottom front to rear.

  • We will inspect the exhaust system, steering, suspension and underbody of the car.
  • We remove all wheels to allow a full detailed examination of the brakes and associated components and also a full interrogation of the suspension.
  • Removing the wheels also allows us to clean and grease the hubs.
  • We check and report the condition of all tyres including the spare wheel and we will adjust the tyre pressures if required,
  • check and top up of all levels such as antifreeze and windscreen washer fluid whilst also checking the effectiveness of the wiper blades.
  • We renew the following as standard: Engine Oil and Oil Filter, Air Filter, Pollen Filter (if fitted), Fuel Filter on diesel engines and Spark Plugs on petrol engines.
  • Recommendation of Cam Belt
  • Full service from £295.00 + VAT

Please feel free to contact us at your convenience to discuss your needs with one of our experienced advisers.

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