Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio Servicing & Enhancements

AHM we are proud of the quality of our Alfa Romeo servicing.  As owners of an Alfa Giulia Quadrifolglio ourselves and long term Alfa enthusiasts inc Motorsport involvement over the last 25 years we will make sure that all aspects of your servicing experience are second to none.

AHM have an in house rolling road for mapping development and testing.



This unsurpassed level of detail is vital to maintain your car to the highest standards and ensure its reliability. What’s more, it is also reassuring for future buyers, who will see a AHM stamp in your service book.


Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio Service

AHM uses only genuine Alfa Romeo parts to ensure your vehicle benefits from only the highest quality parts. If you are unable to find out what work may be required on your Alfa Romeo, then please contact our workshop. We can provide a fully itemised estimate upon request, in most cases within two hours of it being made.

The Giulia Brake by wire system requires Brake fluid changes every 2 years to be carried out using dealer level specialist tools and expertise.

Carbon brakes fitted to some Giulia QFs, AHM have years of experience with these due to our Aston Martin involvement so you are in safe hands.

These cars are highly technical and can not be serviced currently by just  any garage or service center.


All AHM servicing is carried out in line with Alfa Romeos own servicing protocols or better. In addition, we undertake preventative maintenance, such as lubricating locks and hinges.

Our Independent ALFA ROMEO servicing department offers the latest factory ALFA ROMEO Diagnostic System, factory trained technicians with years of experience.

We are equipped with specialist tools and have ALFA ROMEO support to help give us the depth of knowledge needed for these special cars. We cater for everything ALFA ROMEO.

We are local to Basingstoke, Fleet, Winchester as an alternative to the main dealer network.

Our technicians are more than happy to take a close all-round look at your vehicle to advise and highlight what remedial work – if any – may be needed.

Service Costs

9,000 miles £378.00 inc parts plus vat
19,000 milesInc Brake fluid change£523.00 inc parts plus vat
27,000 milesInc Spark Plugs£488.28 inc parts plus vat
36,000 milesInc Brake fluid change£523.00 inc parts plus vat
45,000 miles£378.00 inc parts plus vat
54,000 milesInc Spark Plugs & Brake fluid change£633.00 inc parts plus vat
63,000 miles£378.00 inc parts plus vat
72,000 milesInc Brake fluid change£523.00 inc parts plus vat
81,000 milesSpark Plugs
£488.28 inc parts
plus vat
90,000 milesInc Brake fluid change£523.00 inc parts plus vat
Oil & Filter Change Inc Diagnostics reset £199.00 inc parts
plus vat
Brake Fluid Change
(Brake by wire)
£145.00 inc fluid plus vat
Aux Drive BeltChange every 36,000 milesTBA
Brake Pad change OE (carbon) - Front£556.34 inc parts plus vat
Brake Pad change OE (carbon) - Rear£403.55 inc parts plus vat
Brake Pad change OE (steel) - Front£265.80 inc parts plus vat
Brake Pad change OE (steel) - Rear£240.08 inc parts plus vat
Brake Pad change AHM - Front Ceramic low dust upgrade for Steel discs
£270.00 inc parts plus vat

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Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio Oil Service

AHM offer an oil change only service for those who drive hard and feel an oil change is required in between services, Alfa Romeo state 4000 miles for an oil change if driven hard and in dusty conditions. We use the current type and grade of oil 0W40 SELENIA DIGITEK and a Genuine oil filter.


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Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio Exhaust Flap Control

By controlling the exhaust flaps from a remote fob, when pressing the loud symbol on the fob this places your QF into that superb loud mode that would otherwise not be activated until you select RACE MODE.

The unit is set to be in normal or quiet mode as the default, this will utilise the existing flap controls to hold the by pass valves in the exhaust box in quiet mode. Until Race Mode is selected they operate totally as ALFA originally designed it to. The loud button can then be operated at any time after start up and in any mode N,D.


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Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio Remapping

Alfa Romeo Giulia QF remapping, Through our bespoke ECU remapping software, in-depth knowledge of Alfa Romeo vehicles, we can offer your vehicle a in house developed remap that is nothing short of incredible.

With the Alfa Romeo Giulia QF we have seen gains of 70 BHP, just under 585 BHP through our proprietary software. We can also offer exhaust systems for better flow,

With 200 cell cats and a performance exhaust system, 600 BHP plus

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Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio Performance Parts

Exhaust upgrade, full system with Carbon tail pipes Uses OE vacuum exhaust flaps control.£2054.00 plus vat
Plus fitting.
Exhaust upgrade, full system with Carbon tail pipes Uses electric valves controlled by your smart phone. £2367.00 plus vat
plus fitting.
AHM Exhaust Flap RemoteSupply only £199 plus vat
AHM Exhaust Flap RemoteSupply and fitted £299 plus vat
AHM 20”Wheels TBA
AHM Std rate lowered springs 20 mm lowerReduces the wheel to arch gap just enough. £299.00 plus vat

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