Performance Air Filter



Made for us by Pipercross. This is a performance air filter for the Abarth 500. Significantly improves airflow and has the advantage of being a washable airfilter, so it is a permanent, one off replacement (filter should be washed to maintain effectiveness).

This is a direct replacement for the original equipment. Simple to fit by opening the airbox and replacing the filter. No modifications required.

AHM Lowered Rear Springs – gives standard car look of the ESSESSE


We have tried and tested many of the spring kits available for the 500 ABARTH – and to be honest we’ve been very disappointed as most of them are much too stiff and ruin the ride quality! We have developed these and we think they are the best solution, particularly when used with the KONI FSD Dampers.

See the pictures of our full AHM190 car to see how the car looks with these rear springs and standard front springs.

If you want to ESSESSE look on your Abarth but you want to don’t want the terrible ride quality of the ESSESSE then these lowered rear springs work in conjunction with standard front springs to give the ESSESSE look but with a great ride quality.

AHM 595 180 Comp Spring Kit


This AHM spring kit will transform your 595 comp engineered by us to give the car the perfect ride height.

Bump Stops

Bump stops to suit our lower rear springs

KONI FSD Dampers – Fitted


Don’t put up with the ABARTH & ESSEESSE hard ride!
KONI’s well know FSD dampers adjust to the road conditions on hard cornering but give a firm but more forgiving ride.